Cane Bay Cares adapts Operation Inspire to serve families virtually during the pandemic and beyond.

What is Cane Bay Cares?

Cane Bay Cares is a charitable giving initiative established by Cane Bay Partners’ founders David Johnson and Kirk Chewning in 2017. The initiative began as a relief effort for U.S. Virgin Islands residents who had experienced the devastating effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Through Cane Bay Cares, the founders and their team of volunteers were able to evacuate hundreds of elderly and disabled residents and to donate generators to organizations like community centers and churches. Cane Bay Cares’ contributions later expanded to offering food and other essentials to residents in need.

To date, some residents still struggle with the hurricane’s impact. Cane Bay Cares continues to contribute to recovery efforts by donating to roof repair programs, donating to educational institutions, and participating in beach cleanups.

In 2019, the St. Croix Chamber of Commerce recognized Cane Bay Cares as the Nonprofit of the Year for its dedication to community service. Since its inception, Cane Bay Cares has partnered with more than 22 agencies, not only to support hurricane recovery but also crime prevention, education, youth development and other community service programs in the USVI.

Creating platforms for USVI youth to succeed is a core part of the Cane Bay Cares mission. In fact, the initiative is now focused on funding and managing an afterschool program, Operation Inspire, to support students who lost educational opportunities during the aftermath of the hurricanes and, more recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our award-winning charity has also made substantial contributions to other entities that cater to youth development such as The World Ocean School, the Coral Reef Academy, and Project Promise.