When my business partner David Johnson and I started our fintech consulting firm in 2009, the U.S. Virgin Islands became our home. It made a lot of business sense for us, considering the incentives the local government offers through its Economic Development Commission Tax Incentive Program. In exchange for those incentives, we committed to contributing to the territory’s economic development.

One of the ways we’ve committed to doing so is by hiring qualified USVI residents to fill vacant positions. But within a small community whose workforce is about 34,650, recruitment takes effort.

As we brainstormed strategies for recruiting top talent, it made us step back to look at the bigger picture. It became clear that supporting workforce development was essential if we wanted to see a growing pool of workers with niche skills like data science.

In small communities like the USVI, there are a few ways that businesses in the private sector can contribute to an enhanced workforce. Here are three…

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