The University of the Virgin Islands’ School of Science and Mathematics will now be offering a minor in data science, supported, in part, by donations provided by Cane Bay Partners VI LLLP. The new program is a multidisciplinary program which uses mathematics, statistics, and computer science together to gain knowledge and insights from data in all disciplines. It will be available to all majors and includes 18-20 specialized credits. Students will be exposed to the data science workflow: asking the research questions, creation of and access to data, data privacy, data policy, data standards, and data ethics. Students will be introduced to programming in Python, data exploration and visualization, basic statistics, modeling, evaluation of results and telling stories with data.

“This is a very exciting milestone in the development of a core curriculum for those wanting to pursue a career in data science and analytics in the Virgin Islands,” said Kirk Chewning, co-founder of Cane Bay Partners. “We hope young people consider this field of study as there are many positions locally and globally that are high paying, have great growth trajectory, and are meaningful to our communities. We are proud of the work UVI has done here and we look forward to partnering with them further to help the curriculum path be successful for the UVI and its students.”

“This is an exciting time for the Virgin Islands to embrace data, as it can support the health care industry, private businesses, government, non-profits, public safety and so much more,” said Dr. Luciano. “Working together with companies like Cane Bay Partners, we have an opportunity to not only provide a career path for young Virgin Islanders but also to support all areas of our community.”

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