After another transformative year, Cane Bay Cares took a moment to reflect on its journey with the St. Croix community and the positive changes that have taken place during the course of 2023. This non-profit organization made good on its mission to make a positive impact on St. Croix by supporting various community outreach programs and promoting youth empowerment.

While it’s true that our platform for community engagement is uniquely diverse, our primary focus has been education. Just this year alone, our flagship afterschool program, Operation Inspire, provided enrichment programming for 315 public school students and launched a summer reading initiative that engaged 138 school-aged children during the summer months.

Cane Bay Cares expresses sincere appreciation to the St. Croix Foundation for the invaluable support they provide through their fiduciary functions, as we focus on our shared community-driven mission. “Thank you for standing with us and being supportive of our mission for positive change,” said Janella Simon, Director of Corp. Relations for Cane Bay Cares and Cane Bay Partners. “We look forward to continued collaboration in the coming year.”

Kirk Chewning, Co-founder and Partner at Cane Bay Partners, also expressed appreciation for all those involved in making 2023 a successful year of community service and youth engagement.  “Major gratitude goes out to our Cane Bay Cares and Operation Inspire teams led by Janella Simon.  We appreciate all of our team members’ efforts this year in serving the community” he said.  “One of the best parts of my role is supporting the challenging and teaching of tomorrow’s leaders. Have a wonderful holiday!”

In 2017, Cane Bay Cares was established as the philanthropic arm of Cane Bay Partners in response to two category-five hurricanes that devastated the USVI. While the initial focus on hurricane recovery has changed since 2017, Cane Bay Cares remains committed to providing support for critical issues facing the island of St. Croix.

The Cares team is extremely proud of the progress we’ve made since the organization’s inception to the present day, and we remain dedicated to ongoing service in 2024 and beyond.

There is no doubt that Cane Bay Cares has reached new heights in promoting positive change!