‘It gives us great pleasure to help our elders live the highest quality of life possible’

Kirk Chewning, Cane Bay Partners Co-founder 

Six seniors involved with one or more Lutheran Social Services programs received brand-new furniture for Christmas this year through donations from Cane Bay Partners VI and its co-founder Kirk Chewning.  

LSSVI has long been a haven for adults who face socioeconomic hardship, the challenges of aging, and other vulnerabilities. And for the past seven years, the organization has partnered with Cane Bay Partners to provide furniture for selected participants in efforts to improve their quality of life. 

This year, two seniors received couches, two received dressers, one received a recliner, and one disabled senior received a bed.  

For some of the recipients, the new furniture will be an opportunity to replace worn-out ones, according to LSSVI Housing Management Director Raymonia Leonce. 

“The furniture donations will make a huge difference in the lives of our tenants,” she said. “They were excited, and they were very thankful. Some of their furniture was really bad, so for them to be getting new furniture – they were really grateful for that.” 

Chewning said that working with LSSVI has helped give perspective on the community’s needs. Past donations have benefitted people with disabilities and families who needed beds and other household goods for their small children. The annual donations have also consistently catered to the needs of the elderly. 

“Everyone deserves dignity, no matter what stage of life we’re in,” Chewning said, “So it gives us great pleasure to help our elders live the highest quality of life possible. We are in our seventh year of this project, and each year it feels good to make a difference for the seniors and other community residents.” 

Chewning also thanked Carlos Furniture for providing quality furniture and delivering the pieces to the families each year.