Every week the needs on St. Croix change. At first it was food and water – the essentials for survival. Then it was generators and solar powered lights – the essentials for getting some sense of normal again. Now, we’re continuing all that and trying to fill in the gaps as needed. On the ground, one of the top items we’ve heard is in low supply but in high demand is DampRid – a go to product in the Caribbean for drying out damp and musty closet and storage spaces.

Since being hit by Irma, then getting flash flooding from Jose, then being knocked out by Maria, it has been raining pretty frequently on St. Croix. On a dry day it’s humid on island and hard to dry things out, but in times like these, it’s near impossible. Once the water inside has been mopped up and things are fairly dry, using DampRid can help remove and prevent the residual dampness left lingering and combat moisture that results in mold and mildew.

So we put out a call for donations for DampRid. We know it’s useful in times like these, we know it’s in demand by the people most impacted, and we know it’s a fairly easy thing to order and transport. So it was a no brainer for us.

A $20 donation supports the purchase of six hanging moisture absorbers, and a $60 donation supports the purchase of a case of 18. Give what you can today to help people dry out their homes.