We would like you to meet someone very special today – Sylvie Farbaniec. Sylvie recently turned 10 years old and she asked that her party guests bring donations for St. Croix instead of bringing her presents. Her painting party with friends generated $375 in donations for St. Croix.

Her guests painted pictures of pandas in a forest scene. And rather than bringing gifts, her guests brought checks made out to the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, with Cane Bay Cares written in the memo line – signifying the money going to our fiduciary partner into our funds for St. Croix.

Sylvie’s only request for the $375 raised for St. Croix was that the money be used for schools and students to buy supplies or other needs.

Well, Sylvie – we made your wish come true and ordered needed supplies for the John H. Woodson Junior High School, which was one of the schools condemned after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The sixth and seventh grade students from Woodson have been sharing a school with one of the local high schools and alternating classrooms – meaning they only go to schools for a few hours each day, often with no supplies. The supplies we ordered were on their wish list of needed items. The school’s principal, Rodney Moorehead, and the rest of the Woodson team were so appreciative and could not stop expressing their thanks to Sylvie and her thoughtful gesture.

Sylvie’s birthday donation allowed us to order items like scientific calculators, dictionaries, thesauruses, graph paper, notebook paper, pencils, black pens, blue pens, red pens and highlighters.

If you would like to donate your birthday or next special event to benefit the children of St. Croix, please email us at info@canebaycares.org and we can help make it happen with the most impact!

Also, if you are a school on St. Croix and are in need of specific donations, please reach out to us through info@canebaycares.org and we will see if we can help.