We all can make an impact, we all can make a difference for the better. And today, we would like to acknowledge Danek Stevens, 7, a first grader at Pike Road Elementary School in Pike Road Alabama, who did just that when he decided to start a school collection drive for students impacted by hurricanes on St. Croix.

Stevens and his family used to live on St. Croix and after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, Danek knew he wanted to help. His mother Amber Stevens said he really wanted to do something to help his friends on island and other kids his age.

“It was awesome, I was really proud to hear him say ‘I want to help,’” Amber said.

She said he was proud that he had lived on the island and was excited to teach people about St. Croix. He told everyone at school about St. Croix and the Virgin Islands and many hadn’t heard of the island or didn’t realize it was part of the United States.

“We’re all part of one big world and there are places that we just shouldn’t forget about,” Amber said, noting how frustrating it can be getting resources and help on small islands. For her, seeing how St. Croix stepped up and gave up their supplies to help St. Thomas and St. John in the wake of Irma, solidified her wanting to help the island that had already given so much to others and now faced their own time of dire need.

After learning about the situation and listening to the pleas of Danek Stevens, his school, its students and parents stepped up and held a donation drive for St. Croix. They donated 11 boxes full of school supplies, books and other items for elementary age students. And the Cane Bay Cares team was able to connect this donation with students at the Juanita Gardine Elementary School. This is one of the few elementary schools on island not condemned and it is housing students from other schools and students are only able to do half days – with many of the students lacking supplies and resources. So this donation came just in time and got to a school that can make good use of them.

Thank you Danek, Amber Stevens and everyone at Pike Street Elementary School in Alabama – we appreciate you, Juanita Guardine Elemetary School appreciates you, St. Croix appreciates you.