This Thanksgiving holiday we are thankful for all of you – everyone reading this and everyone who continues to burn a flame for the betterment of St. Croix, in the wake of the hurricanes and every day.

We also are thankful for all of the amazing volunteers, supporters and partners we have worked with over the past year – so many people who didn’t have to do anything, yet stepped up and gave a strong enough shove to push us forward. And that created a momentum that propelled us to where we are today. Every single step, shrug, push forward, big and small, helped turn this massive relief effort into a well thought out charity effort to stand by and support the island of St. Croix for years to come.

We are building lasting partners who also are committed to serving the island and we are strengthening our mission to support innovative educational programs throughout the island serving various populations.

This type of effort doesn’t begin everywhere in every situation. There first has to be a spark, a drive, a receptive community and a willing support system. In other words, all the stars have to align. So today, we are thankful mostly for the community that inspired the world to care, to give and step up; to a community that has an enviable amount of grit and persistence to get through the most challenging of situations; a community that spreads joy and love to those within and outside.