Through all of the destruction and hardship being experienced on St. Croix and throughout the Caribbean right now, the shining light is the outpouring of support from our extended community. Anyone who has ever lived or been to the Virgin Islands knows just how special of a place these islands are. The cultural, environmental and historic contribution coming from these islands is significant, and the endurance of the people of the Virgin Islands is unsurpassed. This is a place that deserves support in order to once again thrive.

Celebrating 1,000 likes on Facebook might seem superficial in the face of the issues everyone is dealing with right now, but for us it is symbolic. Every single like symbolizes another person who supports the Virgin Islands and stands ready to be a force for change. And every single like represents an expansion of this network, which is a necessary component to making this work. We need donations in order to send aid to St. Croix, and we need a network to grow that support.

Every like helps us to help St. Croix. So please, help us get to 2,000 likes and beyond.

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