St. Croix needs boots on the ground and we are up for the challenge. Who is with us? Cane Bay Cares needs people to participate in monthly events where we will get into the community and help people in need – one month it might be helping elderly folks around their homes, another it might be cleaning up a beach, or painting a school. The best part is, by joining our volunteer network, you get to be part of the discussion.

We have been able to accomplish so much in the last four months and so many played a part in that – our founders, our donors, the community and our volunteers. Our volunteers carried the heavy burden of showing up, of being up front and personal, getting their hands dirty, working in the hot sun and putting in the hours to make the whole operation move. And, now, reflecting on all of that work – and what our major assets to leverage are today – and it is our volunteers who stand out.

Not only did we work hard and fast – but we had fun. We built lifelong friendships, we enjoyed camaraderie and good spirits. Together we make up a group of people from a diverse set of backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and neighborhoods, but with commonality in our love of St. Croix, of community and of giving back. And it was that glue that has kept us together and working toward a better St. Croix, one in which we come together under common causes of greater good.

So with that sense of comradery and togetherness, we will continue to build our volunteer network and to rally together around work and causes that are for the betterment of community and society as a whole. We are working now on establishing a routine for giving back through our labor, the act of volunteering our man and woman power in the community.

If you’re interested in joining our volunteer network, sign up for our volunteer email distribution through this link: or join our Facebook group here: