Last year we supported several educational programs, primarily those that take an innovative and engaging approach to supporting young people in the Virgin Islands – organizations taking a unique approach to common issues. One such organization was Project Promise.

Their mission is to “improve the lives of at-risk youth on St. Croix by providing empowerment initiatives, cultural programs, and family services.” They take a holistic approach to each of the young people in their flagship program the “Caterpillar Project,” which includes life coaching, mentoring, community service, educational intervention, career exploration, personal wellness, cultural awareness, family support services and creative expression.

Cane Bay Cares supported Project Promise’s Caterpillar Project with a $5,201 donation that was used to purchase each of their participants a desktop computer, a printer and a year’s subscription to Microsoft Office so they can do their homework with the proper equipment.

We were happy to help such a worthwhile organization and such deserving young people. Below are some of the notes we received from parents.


Just in the nick of time, it’s what I call this generous gift to my family from your organization, thank you! My deepest gratitude for your help in getting a computer for my children. My daughter used it the same night it arrived at the house. I sincerely believe that it will be used to further their success in school.”

Hats off to you Cane Bay Cares! You guys did an awesome job in donating the computers that were needed, but we couldn’t afford. I’m emotional and filled with joy at the level of your generosity, you are angels, don’t stop being kind! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thank you so much for your donation of the computers to our children, it has been a great help with my daughter’s school work and projects. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift to our children.”

I would like to thank you so much for the computer and printer for [child’s name], you can’t imagine how much this computer will help [child’s name].”

“Thank you very much for the donation of the computer and printer. It was indeed very appreciated and came in handy. [Child’s name] can now do her projects and more.”

I would like to say a big thank you Cane Bay Cares for helping our Caterpillars, it is very appreciated!”

Dear Cane Bay Cares, please accept a heart-filled thank you for your generous donation of a computer and printer to my granddaughter, [child’s name]. Having this resource will assist [child’s name] immensely with her academics. Thank you once again for your generous donation. God bless you.