It’s hard to even think about cleaning up and recovering from a major Category 5 hurricane when there is no power for refrigeration, fans, communication or water – let alone get back into a normal routine. With most of the island of St. Croix still without power, several weeks after getting a direct hit from Hurricane Maria – we believe powering up as many organizations as possible will help bring back some normal routines to St. Croix.

Then there are logistical issues. With just weekly shipments going to St. Croix, we didn’t have much time to determine what the immediate needs were. But we knew power was at the top of the list. So we rushed a shipment of 36 generators on the first boat out after setting up Operation Cane Bay Cares – St. Croix Hurricane Relief Drive. Since 36 isn’t enough to get into the hands of every family in need, we assessed the needs of organizations reaching out to us and we’re connecting churches, schools and organizations with generators so they can begin serving St. Croix again.

With those generators being delivered this week, we’re already getting our next shipment of generators ready, as well as other supplies to be distributed next week. More details on this coming soon!