Storytelling takes all the senses, including hearing. Whether you have been lucky enough to hear the ocean crashing against the shore on St. Croix, or unlucky enough to hear Hurricane Maria ravage the island – there are many sounds that tell our story. And one sound in particular, or rather a collection of sounds and melodies, is called “Ships in the Night” by Ryan Montbleau. Montbleau released this single recently and is generously donating proceeds from downloads of the song to Cane Bay Cares and the work we are doing for St. Croix.

Montbleau has been visiting St. Croix to perform for many years and has a dedicated following on island who look forward to his visits with new music. His soulful, acoustic sounds and unique voice are both soothing and inspiring, and we feel privileged that he chose Cane Bay Cares and St. Croix to support through his music.

These are our favorite types of fundraisers – like the girl who asked for donations to Cane Bay Cares instead of getting birthday gifts, or the doctor who spent part of his vacation on St. Croix helping with one of our distributions. It reminds us that what we’re doing is more than asking for donations to help a hurricane impacted area – we’re starting a movement of caring, where you care, we care, I care – and no matter how big or small the contribution, collectively, we can move mountains, we can change the course of things for the better. Let this song be the anthem for that – we don’t have to miss each other in the night, but rather we can arrive at the shore of need and we can deliver, and we will.

So today, we invite you to join us on this ride, to be part of this movement. Download Montbleau’s song because it’s a great song, because he is a great artist and because you are part of this movement together with us for St. Croix. Proceeds from the download go to Cane Bay Cares to support St. Croix.