We have come so far in the relief and recovery effort in the Virgin Islands, and there are so many stories of bravery and resilience still to tell. Unfortunately, there also still is work to be done as public school children still aren’t able to receive a full day’s education and the infrastructure continues to be rebuilt. In many cases, the community is stepping up to help and bring some normalcy to their lives and to the lives of all the residents of these battered islands.

To help ensure some of those stories are told, Cane Bay Cares decided to sponsor a video series by Nykole Tyson and “I’m Making It Happen.”

This week, we are sharing the series’ introductory video

And also the second episode where we first appear as a sponsor.

And, we will continue to share new videos so you can see for yourself some of the every day realities in the aftermath of two major hurricanes on small island communities.